Mercury Protocol Timeline



Radical App LLC was founded

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Dust was founded

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Over 1 million messages sent per day


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In-memory patent application filed

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Blast feature implemented

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5 million messages sent per day


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  • 1 million users
  • Long polling added


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1 billion messages sent on Dust


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Begin Mercury Protocol development

GMT token launch announcement. Release whitepaper.

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  • Deployed GMT token contracts to Ethereum testnet Rinkeby
  • Begin internal admin testing of the smart contracts on the test network

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Independent security audits completed

  • Security audits for GMT token smart contacts successfully completed by Open Zeppelin

GMT token launch

  • Launch GMT token smart contracts onto Ethereum mainnet and begin token launch.
  • If successfully completed, the GMT token launch will provide us with funding for the next stage of Mercury Protocol development

Release blog post explaining decentralized governance proposal

  • Decentralized governance will allow stakeholders to generate, inspect and vote on proposed updates to the protocol. We will release more details in the blog post.

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Begin implementation of decentralized governance smart contracts

Complete independent security audits of decentralized governance smart contacts

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Launch web UI for decentralized governance

Ship v1.0.0 of Broadcast

  • The Broadcast app project is in pre-alpha, and we are on target to have a first version in market by end of year.

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Continue development of Mercury Protocol (see detailed roadmap below)

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Feature Roadmap

Q3 2017

Release Mercury Protocol whitepaper

  • This whitepaper will define and explain the technical architecture and functionality of the Mercury Protocol.

Integrate GMT wallet within Dust app

  • All Dust mobile clients will have a GMT wallet. Wallet will consist of a default account address that stores the user’s GMT tokens, and basic functionality to show account balance and transaction history

Integrate the first core GMT token features into the Dust app

  • Pay GMT to be featured for X number of days in the featured section of app
  • Pay GMT to send out blasts to users who don’t follow you. Recipient users who opt in to receiving premium content are awarded GMT for accepting and reading the blast.

Q4 2017

Begin implementation of oracles within Mercury Protocol

  • Smart contracts are like walled gardens since they cannot fetch external data on their own. However, there will be many use cases of the Mercury Protocol that require us to communicate with external data sources. The solution we plan to use for this is oracles. Oracles act as a data carrier, a reliable connection between external data sources and smart contracts, without compromising their trustless nature.

Begin implementation of state channels within Mercury Protocol

  • Although the long term goal for Ethereum 2.0 and 3.0 is for the protocol to be able to maintain a blockchain capable of processing VISA-scale transaction levels via mechanisms such as code pre-processing using precompiled contracts and WebAssembly, the Mercury Protocol requires an interim solution for scalable interactions with the GMT tokens: State channels.
  • State channels will enable Dust to process any number of transactions instantly without facing the throughput limitations of Ethereum. It will also reduce high per transaction fees by up to 7x for handling large numbers of small digital transactions.

Decentralized governance launch

  • Begin utilizing decentralized governance process for future updates of the Mercury Protocol

Launch web UI for decentralized governance

  • Release a web application that makes it easy for any non-technical users to participate in decentralized governance of the Mercury Protocol

Release Broadcast to Market

  • Ship v1.0.0 Broadcast with Mercury Protocol integrated and GMT premium features.

Complete oracle implementation

  • Implement oracles to enable blockchain-based features to interact with the outside world.

Q1 2018

Complete state channel implementation

  • Implement state channels to allow for highly scaleable transaction processing.

Open-source Mercury Protocol

  • Mercury Protocol will be made available for anyone to integrate into their application.
  • Alongside, we will also release in-depth documentation on how to integrate the protocol into your application.

Mercury Protocol hackathon

  • We will host a hackathon to support and encourage developers building apps on top of the Mercury Protocol