About the Mercury Protocol

Modern communication is outdated. Centralized communication platforms built on private servers are only as secure as their weakest defense, user privacy is habitually violated as service providers sell behavioral data to advertisers, and content is restricted to a single platform.

The solution is the Mercury Protocol, an open-source project for communication platforms to utilize decentralized blockchain technology at minimal cost. Any communication platforms that integrate the Mercury Protocol will be able to exchange messages and content, increase user privacy through pseudonymity, leverage tokens to encourage user participation, and provide stronger network security than any private system that has a single point of failure.

Technical Overview

Technical Overview

The Mercury Protocol provides a suite of smart contracts that give users, app developers, and content providers essential tools for sharing and interacting with content. These contracts will include dynamic premium features and accurate user participation rates. Apps will create Ethereum accounts and will utilize account private keys to securely invoke contracts according to regular Ethereum rules.

The protocol will also include State Channel logic to increase efficiency and minimize blockchain latency inherent in the Ethereum validation algorithm. The contracts will get added to the state channel and sent as a group to the Ethereum network for validation. Notification of the results will be supplied at completion.

The efficiency of the state channel along with the novel contracts should make the Mercury Protocol a welcome addition to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Core Team

With Dust already in market and a patent pending, our elite team has already demonstrated their ability to solve complex technical problems and ship a quality product while operating with limited resources.

Ryan Ozonian

Chief Executive Officer

Rohit Kotian

Chief Technology Officer

Igor Shpitalnik

Lead Backend Engineer

Alex Moir

Blockchain Developer

Elliot Sperling

Blockchain Developer

Alex Rupprecht

Android Team Lead

Brant Kortman

Android Developer

Sameer Khavanekar

iOS Team Lead

Manjushri Deshpande

iOS Developer

Evan Albert

Web Developer

Mayukh Das

Software Engineer

Michael Talarczyk

Lead Systems Engineer

Ian Connelly

Project Manager

Jonathan Ikemura

Lead Designer


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