Based in Los Angeles and backed by Mark Cuban, we are a passionate team building a new digital world based on trust. We believe that the quality of online interactions translates directly to quality of life. Our technology, products and vision aim to bring people together in a trusted way to build relationships, conduct commerce, and thrive online.


  • Ryan Ozonian

    Chief Executive Officer

  • David Ou

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Andrew Hunt

    Head of Strategy

  • Rohit Kotian

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Irwin Block

    Director of Finance

  • Analise Crites

    Director of Operations

  • Alex Moir

    Principal Engineer

  • Michael Schneider

    Senior Android/Web Engineer

  • Matt Cielecki

    Senior iOS Engineer

  • Lydia Amaya

    Office Manager

  • Brant Kortman

    Android Engineer

  • Evan Albert

    Full-Stack Engineer

  • Ian Connelly

    Director of Token Strategy & Operations

  • Jonathan Ikemura

    Art Director

  • Kyle Fiouzi

    Marketing Manager

  • Manjushri Deshpande

    iOS Engineer

  • Sameer Khavanekar

    Senior iOS Engineer

  • Sridhar Gudur

    Data Analyst

  • Vladislav Ligay

    QA Engineer

  • Marcos Herrera

    QA Engineer

  • Ruxton Ikemura

    Chief Happiness Officer


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  • 2233 Barry Ave
  • Los Angeles, CA 90064
  • 323-435-4795