Mercury Protocol

The Future of Communication Platforms Built on the Ethereum Blockchain

Block: 4,427,945
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Token Launch Starts
Block: 4,430,049
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7 ETH Cap Ending Block
Block: 4,431,101
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Uncapped Sale Begins
Block: 4,617,363
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End Block
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Not owned or controlled by any one party

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More Secure

All data is tamper resistant and secured by the blockchain

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Verify messages and transactions without a trusted third party

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Application Agnostic

Generalized protocol for all communication types

Global Messaging Token: Launch Event

Oct 10th
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Pre-Registration Opens
Oct 24th
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Launch Details Announced
Oct 25th
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Token Launch Begins
Block: 4,617,363
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Token Launch Ends

Token Launch Begins:

Wednesday, October 25th around 9am PST

Will there be any pre-sale or discounts?


Is there a pre-registration?

Yes, pre-registration opens on Tuesday, October 10th (You MUST register to participate).

Total Token Supply:

1 Billion Global Messaging Tokens

Token Sale Cap:

$24 Million USD

Accepted Form Of Cryptocurrency:

Only ETH will be accepted.

Where can I find more information about GMT?

More information about GMT and the Token Launch event can be found in this blog post.

Total GMT Available for Participants:

600 Million Global Messaging Tokens

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A Win-Win Network

The Mercury Protocol provides users with rewards for participation whilst service providers can bootstrap a network out of the box.

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  • Incentivized for early adoption or platform activity
  • Blockchain enabled privacy and security
  • Maintain ownership over data
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Service Providers

  • Low cost infrastructure
  • Applications share in network benefits
  • No central point of failure or control
Dust Screenshot

Coming soon in

Dust Logo Download the Android APK

Anticipated Use Cases

Dust will be the first application to utilize the Mercury Protocol. The following are proposed use cases for the protocol within Dust:

1-to-1 Conversations Icon
1-to-1: Conversations
  • Cross platform messaging + content
  • Encrypt messages
  • Large file size
  • Extend lifetime of a message
1-to-Many Announcements Icon
1-to-Many: Announcements
  • Increase reach by boosting distribution
  • Send content to a targeted demographic
  • Premium interactions (e.g., special likes or comments)
Many-to-Many Discussions Icon
Many-to-Many: Discussions
  • Decrease queue time to send a message
  • Premium message types (Add visual flair, inline polls, etc.)
  • Community-driven moderation

The Protocol

The Mercury Protocol is a decentralized, transparent, and open source protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Mercury Protocol Diagram

The Technology Stack

Technology Stack Technology Stack Technology Stack Technology Stack

The Plan

The Plan Timeline
Stage 1

Build the Mercury Protocol on the Ethereum network and integrate it into Dust, a mobile private messenger already in-market.

Stage 2

Integrate the protocol into Broadcast and ship to market by the end of 2017, further demonstrating the utility and versatility of the protocol.

Stage 3

Open-source the Mercury Protocol for peer review and new platform integrations.